Battery Safety

18650 Battery Safety Tips

We all have seen the viral videos of an 18650 battery venting because of careless users. Here is a quick reminder of some simple rules when handling lithium ion 18650 batteries.

  • If using a mechanical mod, know the amperage limit of your battery
  • Batteries with torn wrappers need to be replaced
  • Excessive heat and cold are bad for batteries
  • DON’T leave batteries in your car where they can heat to unsafe temperatures
  • DON’T keep batteries in your pocket with loose change or keys.  This is easily cause a short circuit
  • DO keep your 18650 batteries in a battery case when not in use
  • Keep your battery charger in a place where you can see it.  Use only specifically designed 18650 battery chargers as overcharging your batteries can cause venting (thermal runaway)
  • Batteries eventually run out and need to be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on use and battery quality


For more information on 18650 Batteries, please see our Best 18650 Battery Guide

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